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P.E. Physical Education

Every Thursday afternoon all classes from Kindergarten upwards take part in P.E. We have a number of venues that we use for P.E. This includes Lyndhurst Football Club with whom we share the grounds and facilities. We also use Coles Mead Recreational Park in Lyndhurst for co-operative games, rounders, cricket and other sports. During the summer term we sometimes also hire the tennis courts at Lyndhurst Tennis Club and in previous years have been able to offer golf lessons at New Forest Golf Club, which is situated directly behind the school. On occasion we also hire out the athletics track at Southampton Sports Centre.

However, Physical Education is not just limited to Thursday afternoons. During our extended breaks there are often sports activities going on, especially football, but also games in the forest and basketball. In the studio we have a full size table tennis table, which is particularly popular in the winter months. As some of the staff are keen sportsmen and women, we often join the students in these activities. 

Football at Lyndhurst FC

Our approach to football at the school is developed through informal games on our 'five-a-side' pitch in which staff are sometimes involved and through a regular Thursday afternoon game using the facilities at the local Lyndhurst football club. 

Our Thursday afternoon game is a mixed age-group, mixed ability and mixed-gender session, in which players are encouraged to support each others development through a positive and respectful attitude towards others. We are proud of how new players tend to learn and develop quickly through positive encouragement and confidence building.

We develop players' skills primarily through regular games in which a fun, non-competitive ethos is encouraged, with targeted use of positive feedback to help develop the key areas individual players need to work on to improve.

Older players are encouraged to become involved in setting up games and with the structure of the sessions and to support the younger players as they develop. A key area of focus with younger players is developing their confidence and encouraging them to participate as much as possible, something members of staff help to facilitate through their play.

Our football sessions are important in developing the children's self-confidence, resilience, physical co-ordination, gross motor skills and team awareness. Our football sessions are an inclusive, positive aspect of our school community which help to develop the children's
sense of inclusion within the school.

We love to show off the skills we have developed at the end-of-year Pupils vs Parents football match at Sports Day!

Sports Day

Sports Day is one of our favourite events of the year and takes place on the last day of the summer term. Sports Day manages to be both competitive (especially when it comes to the parents races!) and just simple fun. It is also a great social event for the whole school and a great excuse for a picnic in the park. Once the last race is over - the All Together Now Race, which features everyone - there is a traditional students versus parents football match.

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