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Governance Advisory Board

The Governance Advisory Board works within the overall ethos and policy framework of the school and acts purely as an advisory body to the school’s management. As an independent school, the vision, values and objectives of the school, its curriculum and overall school management falls under the responsibility and direction of the Proprietor of the school, Nicholas Alp.

The main responsibilities of the Governance Advisory Board are to - 

  • Provide ideas and recommendations that could enhance the school…

  • Act as a critical friend to the school, giving constructive criticism and suggesting possible solutions

  • Offer support in addressing issues related to the school – both practical and technical

  • Provide constructive advice and practical support when there are major issues of concern in the school that school management are unable to solve.

The School Advisory Board meets once a term with the head teacher Alex James and the Proprietor, Nicholas Alp

We are delighted to have the following members on the Board, each of whom bring their own specific skills set and experience to the school. ​

Aileen Payne

Gill Albon writes, "I am now semi-retired however I have more than 30 years knowledge and experience of working within educational institutions, as a Student Welfare Counsellor, Youth & Community Worker and Senior University Lecturer for Child and Adolescent Studies. 

I have experience of working with people. I am someone with good communication skills, professional values and experience of being a critical friend. I have an understanding of safeguarding, the ability to listen, analyse, provide constructive feedback, be creative and I feel that I have the appropriate team skills to work well in partnership with others to achieve the schools goals.

I have a granddaughter who attends the school. I truly believe in the values and culture of the school and am excited to be able to offer my services. 


Heidi Ware


Duncan Shiel

Anouchka Langford

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PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PAGE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION - The structure and remit of the school's governing body and committees will be included here

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