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Developing Strong Foundations

Life, as we all know, requires many different skills. Therefore our school day is designed to give time for the children to develop not just academic skills but also the many vital personal and social skills, we all need to live happily and effectively in our world. 

We believe that each child's overall development is dependent upon -  

  • Building a child’s self confidence and self respect

  • Equipping children with the language to enjoy good social relations, and resolve their own conflicts

  • Giving children the time to pursue their own interests

  • Inspiring in children the desire to learn and explore our world

These are the skills that underpin their academic success and the ability to enjoy their lives. This means developing the whole child, encouraging the creative, emotional, spiritual, and moral potential of the child as well as their intellectual and physical potential.

'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.' Aristotle

The results of this approach are quite extraordinary. The atmosphere around the school is calm and happy. Pupils across all classes freely mix with one another, forming close friendships irrespective of age or sex. As Ofsted noted in their last inspection, 'Pupils get great pleasure from being at school. They have excellent relationships with adults and each other'

By creating a relaxed and trusting social environment, pupils are able to personally develop without fear and peer pressure. This inevitably leads to children who are remarkably mature for their age, thoughtful in their actions and capable of thinking for themselves and ‘results in students being well prepared for life‘. (Ofsted report)

Once children are at ease with themselves and feel that they are in a safe and supportive social environment they become highly motivated to succeed academically. This is ultimately reflected in our excellent GCSE results – ‘students achieve good results…Some do exceptionally well’, with some pupils gaining ‘an outstanding range of examination results’. (Ofsted report)

'I cannot speak highly enough of the utmost care and attention that has been shown to our son and the tremendous difference his time at the New Forest Small School has made to him.'
Mrs RH (Southampton)

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