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'Pupils in the primary years develop a sound understanding of the range of subjects covered by the curriculum. They are skilled readers who enjoy reading a wide range of books. In some areas of learning, pupils develop knowledge and understanding that is well beyond the expected levels for their age.' 

Ofsted Report, June 2018

The Primary Classes provide a stress free, inspiring educational environment, comprising Lower Primary (aged 5-7), Middle Primary (aged 7-9) and Upper Primary (9-11). Children in Lower and Middle Primary may attend either full or part time.  


The classes are limited to a maximum of 12 children attending any one session. In Lower Primary, children need to attend a minimum of 3 days a week. In Middle Primary they must attend for a minimum of 4 days a week and in Upper Primary the majority of children should be attending full time. This ensures a level of continuity and better helps the child to settle quickly into the  social environment.

Aims of our Primary Education

  • To provide a safe, caring and inspiring environment where children have the space to be themselves, without stress, without fear of failure and without fear of bullying. 

  • To provide a support network and space for parents and children who, for whatever reason, have opted out of the state school system. 

  • To provide a high quality educational programme individually tailored to meet the needs of each child.

A Modern & Holistic Curriculum

We offer a balanced, holistic curriculum, designed to develop the ‘whole child’, in which each subject is given equal importance. For a full guide to how we teach each subject at primary level please visit the Curriculum page.

The timetable offers a balance between…

  • Free choice & set lessons

  • Individual work & group activities

  • Learning & playing

  • Intellectual & physical development

  • Imaginative & Abstract

  • Self discovery & listening

  • Being & doing

Also See

Our classes have a range of different ages and needs so our lessons are designed to be both flexible and resourceful. Special activities can be arranged at short notice to respond to current events and interests. 

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