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Our philosophy…

Visual art is a language that everyone speaks; it cuts through racial, social, cultural, educational and economic boundaries. It reflects and shapes our history and contributes to our cultural identity and appreciation.


Our aims are to…

  • Engage, inspire and challenge pupils.

  • Equip pupils with the knowledge and skills to explore and experiment with materials and techniques. 

  • Enable pupils to create works of art, craft and design. 

  • Give pupils the opportunity to study a diverse range of artist’s styles and cultures, taking ideas and information from these to inspire their own work. 

  • Use and develop the skills of analysis, problem solving and evaluating to reflect and inform their own creative journey’s.

  • Enable pupils to reach their full creative potential.


School trips

In the past we have had a number of field trips to sketch and photograph the landscape. We have also visited Southampton City gallery, the New Arts Centre and Winchester Museums and archives. Visits are an important part of the Art and Design syllabus as they give students the opportunity to record first hand observations and experiences. 

'Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.'
Pablo Picasso

Primary Art

The creative journey begins in primary where lessons are fun and active. We usually have a theme or project that lasts the term and different activities are taught each lesson. 

Learning takes place through manipulation of materials and processes and explores the formal elements of line, tone, shape, texture, pattern, form and colour.


Secondary Art

We deliver a broad art and design syllabus at secondary level. It covers a wide range of disciplines from drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, 3d design, textiles and digital media.


Projects are designed to guide pupils through the creative process, starting with observation, experiences and imagination. They give pupils the opportunity to reference different artists, craftspeople and designers in history and from the present day for inspiration and comparison.  Pupils are encouraged to explore and experiment with materials and techniques enabling them to make test pieces, samples and maquettes. This manipulation of materials helps pupils to develop initial ideas and concepts and to create final works of art.

GCSE Art and Design

Art and Design GCSE is a two year programme of study designed to cover the OCR specification. The GCSE is split into two components 


Portfolio (60% of final mark) Coursework.


Set Task (40% of final mark) 10 hour exam.


Building on the foundation of experience and knowledge gained from Key stage 3. Projects aim to further develop pupil’s confidence, skills and understanding. They are also intended to promote pupil’s self-directed learning and to prepare them for the final 10 hour art exam.

'Creativity is contagious….pass it on.'  Albert Einstein

Art Curriculum Outline

Here is a general outline of the topic areas studied at our school. Please note that this is principally a guide and is subject to change.

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