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Design and Technology

As a part of our school curriculum we involve the children in designing and making play equipment for the garden, as well as doing small individual projects. All classes grow to understand the importance of repurposing and recycling materials to create something. Learning to look at an object and say "What can it become next? 

We understand and promote the concept that children learn through practical activity and that self reliance is key in their development. This all happens during our highly creative and exciting DT lessons!


Lessons in this subject start in the Lower Primary class, although kindergarten are encouraged to help with maintainence jobs and tool use when possible.


Lower Primary 

At this age, the children are introduced to using tools. They begin to gain confidence in using them with support and 1:1 supervision. We work on small scale individual projects such as hobby horses or fishing games, as well as large scale outdoor construction like the climbing frame.

The children are encouraged to plan their projects and come up with design ideas as a group or individually where required. Exploration of materials as well as the tools helps with building on ideas and construction techniques. These areas are supported by the teacher and guidance is given to help discover new methods of fixing, joining, designing and working. 


Middle Primary 

Building on the basic tool and material handling skills learned in Lower Primary. Children at this stage are encouraged to become more independent with their tool use. Learning to use and select the appropriate tool for the job. Still on a 1:1 basis, unless the tool being used is one of 'low risk'. We embrace opportunities for a little more independence with the equipment in this age group.

Projects are still based on either small individual work or large scale construction. The children are encouraged to choose materials in which to build their plans around. This includes being mindful of how things might be fixed, joined or connected. Building on those foundation skills they aquired in Kindergarten and Lower Primary.

Upper Primary 

Children in this class are encouraged to work independently with tools whilst still under localised supervision. The more technical side of construction can be explored here. All of that learned knowledge from previous experimentation has given a great foundation in construction and design as well as a confident 'can do' approach amongst the class.

Designing and making become more involved at this stage. Looking at exact measurements and quantifying materials needed are also an important aspect of DT at this point, as well as labelling diagrams carefully and in detail.


Lower Secondary 

This class join in with DT as and when there is available time. The class are able to use and select tools and materials to construct small or large scale projects independently within the school garden/classroom under general teacher supervision. The older children are able to help with the heavier side of construction work where needed. They are fast workers too! 


All of these classes are prompted to remain mindful about safety, as well as creating safe play equipment or project work. It is crucial that we involve discussion in this area when having our class planning meetings to maintain our safe DT working environment.

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