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We like parents to take an active role in their child’s education. The level of involvement is open to each individual parent. Parental involvement, however small, is always welcome!

We have an annual Parents Meeting where we all meet to discuss any issues affecting the school and to debate any changes. The meeting also provides parents with an opportunity to socialise and become part of the school community.

Once a year we also have a Parents Evening where parents can meet all their child’s teachers to discuss their progress in each subject. However, as a small school it is very important to us that we maintain regular communication with parents, whether at the beginning or end of the school day, by email or by phone. Meetings with members of staff can always be arranged through the school office if a parent would like the opportunity to do so.

With prior arrangement, parents are always welcome to stay at our school if they want to help settle in their child or are just curious to see what we all get up to. We always ensure that parents are kept well informed about their child’s progress. This is done throughout the school year. Likewise we expect parents to also keep us informed about their child's progress, particularly if the child is also being home educated.

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