The Secondary Classes offer a natural progression for those children who have attended the Primary Class, whilst preparing the children for taking their GCSEs. They also provide an ideal space for all children who thrive in smaller scale environments.

GCSE Geography Trip

Since we started offering GCSEs six years ago our school has had an outstanding record, with pupils achieving an average of 8 high grade GCSEs with an overall 82% A* to C pass rate. We believe this is down to a number of factors. The excellence of our teaching staff; the thorough exploration of topics through pupil involvement in the learning process; the high level of care and respect given to our pupils; and the relaxed, stress free, small scale environment. Although our classes are well equipped, as a small school we have comparatively less facilities than a larger school, but nevertheless results are excellent in all subject areas. For example our average grade in the separate sciences is A, with one pupil achieving 98%, despite the absence of a dedicated science laboratory.

The school’s results for the last 6 years can be downloaded by clicking on this link – GCSE Results 2011-17. For a more in depth analysis of our GCSE results, including the average grades for each subject, click on the links below –

GCSE grades of pupils who have attended from at least 5 years old to 16

GCSE Grades A* – A

English Language

English Literature



Additional Science







Art and Design


All GCSE Subjects

We now offer 16 different GCSE courses, with pupils, in consultation with parents and the school, deciding how many and how soon GCSEs are taken. Pupils can make a special request to take a GCSE course that is not currently on offer. (Please note that there may be a charge for this). The school is a registered exam centre.

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