Summer 2018


The Great Recorder Mayhem! Learning basic notation and notes. Creating our own melodies, playing together in tie, understanding the importance of practice. (Please support at home!)


Everyone did amazingly well last term at learning their timetables and we had fun with fractions!  This term we have been consolidating our understanding of place value and multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.  We are moving on to short and long multiplication this term.  We will end the year by doing some basic algebra.


Moving on from last term’s project about Jungle, we have the new theme of “Under The Sea”. We will be learning about some of our most celebrated ocean creations including tropical fish, seahorses, turtles, jellyfish, corals, sharks and whales.  Activities explore a range of materials and techniques and include the following : watercolour/was resistant painting, mixed media collage, 3D construction model making, felt/stitch and clay sculpting.


We have been looking at ‘How we keep safe’. This included internet safety – incorporating the NSPCC “Pants” and “I saw your willy” resources.  We also covered the concepts of stranger danger and personal safety which involved body awareness and how to say “NO!”

This term we will be learning about cyber/internet/e-safety (with the help of Cara and The Smart Crew). We begin our sessions with relaxation and mindful breathing, leading us towards meditation.  If the weather is glorious, we may do this outside under a tree!


We are busy working on the tree house. Calculating the number of screws and materials needed for the project as well as designing a few proposed ideas for “added extras”! We have looked into the welfare and care of the tree we are building around, which has been combined with our ongoing science project about trees.  The children do not wish to fix anything to the tree.  Hopefully the summer term will bring the weather required to finish the tree house.



We have been exploring trees.  The class watched a documentary by Judi Dench, which really sparked their interest in all things tree related.  We have identified them, measured them and studied them in full.  We have calculated their age and researched the forest trees in terms of their link to important dates in history.  We have one that began growing when The Titanic sunk!  Other trees show signs of use during WW2, as we can see the cable clips in their bark.

The class has learned about cross section anatomy and named parts of a tree, looked into the impact of trees on the environment as well as re-affirming their knowledge on photosynthesis, chlorophyll, leaf shape, seed dispersal etc.  Our most recent work involved setting up a grid reference map in which we are currently cataloguing as many of our trees as we can, from the area just outside the forest gate.  We even climbed up long ladders to check out our “Grandfather Oak” higher up.  For the summer term the class are looking forward to finishing collating all of their tree info on the grid reference map as well as studying how our arboreal continue to develop and flourish.

Spring 2018


Themes include: Pets, days of the week, months, numbers, descriptions of clothing and food.


We are having great fun learning 3 songs from ‘Oliver’ this term and semi-staging them.  We look forward to sharing this with parents at the end of term.  More info on this to follow soon!


This term we are practicing our times tables and using them to help with short division and fractions.  We’ll be going on to look at some basic algebra.


We are progressing through the early stages of human civilisation with a focus on early humans in Britain.  However, we will also consider the importance of the Middle East.. as communities moved from hunter gatherer groups to settled farming communities.  We will continue to explore the ‘language of history’ for example understanding of the importance of ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ sources and what these terms mean.

English Literature

We are continuing with our wonderful class reader “The Midnight Gang” with again, emphasis on discussion around both literal and implied meaning.

English Language

This term there is an increased focus on the linking of sentences into paragraphs to form some extended pieces of continuous writing.  This will be delivered through some interesting story-writing tasks.  Technical sessions continue on a Friday looking at spelling patterns and their applications.


Moving on from our autumn inspired artwork we are looking at “Jungle” this term.  We will be learning about some of the plants and animals who live in the jungle and looking at how it inspired French artist Henri Rousseau to create his series of jungle paintings.  Activities include leaf printing, painting/collage of tigers, oil pastel toucans and clay modelling of poison frogs.


UP have been busy working on various projects this term. As well as working on garden improvement projects outside, we have also been busy on smaller classroom based work.

The children have installed a new gravel path, cleared ground and put down new turf, made the stone pit to play in and have given the Wendy house a cosy make over.  On the small projects front we have been renovating the dolls house,  making Christmas decorations, and a present for someone special.

A class meeting will take place at the start of next term to see what else we want to make next.


The class had a brief look at electricity this term.  They felt it was something they were interested in, but as we went along it became obvious other interests were taking hold.  These interests were germs, bacteria and mould growth!  We exposed bread to different contaminants and watched over weeks as mould grew on the bread.  The class used flour and a black light to see how germs from hands can spread around a classroom.

The topic then moved on to the subject of Alexander Fleming and Penicillin.  The class finished research with a self directed lesson in which they researched the subject further and made a collaborative poster.

At the end of term the class watched a short film about the relative size of our planet in comparison to others, as well as the galaxy and further.  As we had been looking at microscopic organisms and visualising how small they were in relation to our size, I thought they would find it interesting to know we aren’t as big as we think!

This term we will be boldly going where Upper Primary haven’t gone before… we will be exploring the subject of space.


We have been mindful about what it means to have a home.  How it must feel for those who don’t, as well as possible reasons why this might happen. This has been considered from the perspective of people as well as animals.  The class have discussed how we can help. Why caring about others is so important for our local community, as well as on a global basis.  We talked about what it means and how it  must feel to be a refugee or asylum seeker.  Who could be struggling without money for food or housing, and where?

In bringing this project to a close we joined Kindergarten in donating food to the New Forest Basics Bank and the class made posters to highlight the cause to the wider school.

Next term we are going to be exploring feelings and emotions – how to help others or ourselves if we feel we might be struggling with something, as well as celebrating when we feel good!

Autumn 2017


We are looking at music from around the world, starting with Reggae.  Combining our singing with some gentle research now – which will often be set as homework. And, naturally learning seasonal songs – including some excellent spooky ones for Halloween.


For the first half of this term we will be looking at the theme ‘Space’. We will be exploring a range of creative activities and learning a few fun facts along the way.

For the second half of the term we will be looking at the changing seasons and producing some Autumn inspired artwork.


We have had our class brainstorming meetings for this subject and have come up with some fantastic ideas for future projects.  The nature of our DT lessons remain loosely planned as it is all very much interest led by the children.  Both lower and upper primary classes feel they would like to get stuck into using the sewing machine to make bags and clothes this term.


The class have had their science planning meeting for this term.  They have decided together that we will be looking at Electricity first and then moving on to Magnetism.  They have chosen the subjects together as they can see a possible link between the two.


As in lower primary, we will be having fun with 2D and 3D shapes, learning their wonderful names and properties. Please help your child by talking about shapes in your home life. We will progress on to pattern, symmetry, position/direction, area, perimeter and angles!


This term we will be learning about our amazing bodies! We will start with the male and female reproductive systems, learn what menstruation is and be amazed at how our organs, bones and muscles all work together!


We are going to be looking at weather and climate this term. We will learn about the water cycle and how different climates produce different environments. We will also look at some wild weather like hurricanes!


This term we are reading another David Williams triumph “The Midnight Gang”. In written work we will be concentrating on sentence and vocabulary development so that students can explore the production of more extended pieces of expression.


We have travelled backwards into prehistory and are studying the evolution of Homo sapiens from ‘hunter gatherer’ to ‘settled farmer’ from the perspective of ‘technological advances’ and ‘community living’.