Children have …

  • a natural inclination and considerable skill at role-playing
  • great concentration when something interests them
  • spontaneity
  • a love of touching things
  • a seemingly boundless amount of physical energy

So we work with these natural learning tools rather than struggle against them.


  • All lessons are taught with enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the subject. We believe lessons should be fun, stimulating and challenging.
  • Children have the opportunity to explore and work on their own interests and projects during Free Choice periods during each school day.
  • Children are encouraged to understand things using all their senses, particularly touch, as this natural learning tool helps stimulate vital connections between the hand and the brain.
  • Rather than hold back the child’s natural energy we use it in lessons as much as possible.
  • Lessons tend to be active, hands on, rather than passive and abstract.
Our favourite classroom is the forest outside.



Role-play features strongly in our lessons to help the children understand a subject, by repeating it in their own language. Similarly, imaginative play, as initiated by the children themselves during play time or Free Choice, helps the children to make sense of their world and builds important social skills such as learning to share and co-operate with one another.


Learning as we play, playing as we learn