Our son attends The New Forest Small School and after many experiences in other schools he is finally really happy and loves school. He is learning and always wants to go to school and I receive lots of feedback from him. This is a great source of relief and joy to us and we are very grateful that schools like The New Forest Small School exist. We want our child’s school experience to be a happy one and so it is important that choice in schools is possible.

Mrs. R. Parent

As an Early Years teacher looking for quality pre school provision, the New Forest Montessori Preschool (as it was in the beginning when we joined) was a breath of fresh air. Not only were Nicholas and Alison sensitive to my son Joes’ needs (not unlike other early years settings) but they also were able to meet my own very high standards.

Their knowledge of learning, commitment and passion for fun times made our time there very special. Although it was years since we were there I think Nicholas and Alison’s beliefs in making small experiences really beautiful for children will ensure meaningful and qualitative practice continues.

Good luck with your expansion ventures and carry on enjoying life to the full with your New Forest Small School children.

Mrs. C. W Parent

Our son Jared has been attending New Forest Small School since he was 3. We wanted a school environment that would nurture and support all aspects of his growth and development on all levels. This has certainly been the case and we are extremely pleased with how Jared is progressing. It has been great to be able to gradually build up Jared’s school time to a point where every one felt, including Jared, that he was ready to go full time. He is now 9 and has developed into an out going, confident and knowledgeable boy, which we are sure is largely thanks to the New Forest Small School.

Mr KW & Mrs BW Parent

I was lucky to attend the Small School in its early days when I was 3. I am now 13 and look back at those happy days as instructive and fun. I hope they can continue for many years to come.

Edward Ferder Ex Student

My three boys are in their third year at the New Forest Small School. The only thing they ever moan about is having to have weekends and holidays. They have such a fabulous time in the warm, caring and child-centered environment. It is a pleasure to drop them off each morning knowing how well they will be looked after – a rare thing these days.

Mrs AR Parent

When our son started at state school all was initially well. However, once he moved out of reception we could see as each day went by that he was turning into a miserable, unhappy, confused, little boy. He had almost daily physical stress-related symptoms: stomach aches and generally feeling unwell, headaches, and when we kept him off school we were bad parents, and made to feel irresponsible.

At state primary huge class size, constant noise, teachers without control, an overbearing head teacher all had an adverse affect. Repetitive homework every night added to the pressure. There was bullying from other children both in class and in the playground, again we were told we were worrying about nothing, and nothing was done. We suspected that he was dyslexic, again we were told we were worrying unnecessarily and that he would ‘grow out of it’. For our son it was daily torture, and it was getting worse.

We had reached crisis point and we had to do something to rescue him. This is when we found NFSS. Nick was tremendously helpful and understanding, and we took our son out of state school immediately. He initially did 2 or 3 days at school and the rest home education. After a period of recovery when he was just allowed to relax and be himself, we began to notice that his physical symptoms had disappeared, he became brighter, happier, interested, even looked forward going to school. We had our son back all thanks to Nick, Ali and the other wonderful staff at the NFSS. Now he is 10 and loves school, has hardly missed a day there, and did extremely well in recent academic test results.

Mr PS & Mrs LS Parent

I cannot speak highly enough of the utmost care and attention that has been shown to our son and the tremendous difference his time at the New Forest Small School has made to him.

Mrs RH Parent

I would recommend the school to any parent who believes that their child deserves individual respect and a chance to learn in an inspired, caring and insightful environment.

We owe so much to the NFSS and an eternal Thank you to everyone there.

Mrs FW Parent

Without the school we do not believe we would have ever gotten our daughter back into school after suffering from bullying in a large Catholic secondary school. She would have struggled to complete possibly three GCSEs if she could have overcome her anxiety in order to get to the exam centre. Having been at the Small School since September she is now set to achieve as many GCSEs as she wants at a good level and is now able to contemplate college and university. She is back to being the happy young girl she used to be and enjoying her school life as she should at 15 years of age.

Mrs BM Parent

Both our children are settled and thriving well in the environment, they have both received excellent support for their individual needs…We cannot speak highly enough of the New Forest Small School and the support it continually provides.

Mrs JB Parent

Both my children attend the Primary Class. They are both socially adept, well-adjusted, self-expressed, intelligent kids. They are also sports minded with a fantastic knowledge and understanding of our world, and a strong sense of justice.

The academic standard my children achieved in the exams last summer was outstanding. I believe the school has had a major influence not only on their education, but also on our lives and our family’s positive development.

Mrs CL Parent

Our son is thriving in this nurturing environment. There is no doubt in our minds that now his sense of well-being and belonging has been realised he cannot fail to reach his potential.

We believe the New Forest Small School is a shining example of a school that is preparing children for adulthood.

Mr AF & Mrs CF Parent

After a year of ‘recovery’ at the school he became a relaxed, confident, happy and obviously gifted child. Their approach of gentle encouragement, focus on abilities, and a clear interest in the individual – taking time to learn about his condition to be able to give the best support was heart warming and we will always be grateful for to them for helping to rescue Jasper. The approach of the small school is a natural family environment which brings out the best in children, letting them grow through their own interest in learning. Giving them the inspiration and encouragement they need to succeed.I wish the school every success too!

Mrs EA Parent

Our son is now very relaxed and at peace with himself. His sleeping is back to normal and he has greatly improved in his writing and reading.

What he has learnt, that we didn’t realise he needed, was ‘people skills’, as in how to interact with a group of people. He has learnt to communicate and be confident in his abilities.

Mrs AF Parent

The school has a wonderful ethos and embraces the atmosphere of nature of the surrounding New Forest.

Mrs CW Parent

My son attends the Small School in Lyndhurst. I just wanted to say how happy we are and how much our lives have improved since finding the Small School. It is the first time I have seen my son happy in years. He is now having enough sleep and eating more with the help and support of the school, who have been fantastic.

Mrs KL Parent

Our daughter does not need specialist schooling, just small class sizes in a small school environment. The New Forest Small School has given her that. It has transformed her.

Mr PS & Mrs PS Parent

The teachers are warm, caring and gentle, and the age mix of the children make it feel like one big family; an environment I believe to be perfect for a child to learn and grow.

Mr RB & Mrs LB Parent

It was a great relief to find the New Forest Small School and luckily they had a space to accommodate him. He recently began there and, after a brief settling in period, he now not only wants to go to school but feels much happier in himself. It is a place where he feels able to simply be himself without feeling socially excluded and constantly threatened. He regularly provides me with lots of positive feedback and enjoys filling me in on subjects which really interest him.

Mrs JY Parent