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The flexiclass takes place on Monday, Tuesday and Friday during term time and focusses on the personal, social, emotional and physical development. We support parents in their delivery of maths, english and science curriculums through the Century learning platform (, google classroom and via our links with Oxford Wolsey Hall to ensure that the children are able to successfully access and achieve.


The Morning Work Cycle

A typical day starts at 9:30am. The children come in and settle in, having time to play games, connect with their friends, read a book etc. The morning session then revolves around the children's enthusiasm, much of this time will be based around project based learning or areas of specific interest to individuals or groups. The key here is that the teacher, Pip, acts as a facilitator to the children's learning rather than dictating exactly what it is that they must learn. 

The Afternoon Work Cycle

The afternoon is an adult initiated session which will have been planned to support the children's personal, social and emotional and physical development and will often be practical in nature.

Full Members of the School Community

Breaks for playtime and lunchtime are at the same time as the rest of the school, as it is important that the children are full members of the school community.   After school there are opportunities for the children to join in after school clubs.  If there are clubs on days that your child does not attend then they are most welcome to sign on for those as well.