Although many pupils tell their parents all about what they having been studying and doing at school, not every child is so forthcoming. Therefore so that you all know what your child has been up to in the last term and what plans there are for next term, you can now visit this new page providing the latest news from the Kindergarten. The page will be regularly updated.

If you have any specific queries concerning this class or your child please speak to or email the class leader Becky.

Autumn 2015

The Autumn term is always a long term but it is also a very productive one. Our main objective was to enjoy our time together and learn to work together as a group! We have certainly met this objective and the children have settled beautifully into a routine.

We learned about Autumn but also about the changing of the seasons with the lovely stories of “Leaf Man”, “The World is like a Roundabout” and “A Year around the Great Oak”. We have especially enjoyed making lovely creations from the bountiful natural art supply in the autumn forest! The children really enjoyed our discussions about the earth, the moon and the sun. They were already very well informed! Well done

There were many “light” celebrations this term which presented an ideal opportunity for us to learn about different religions. We read “All kinds of beliefs” and thought about the Hindu, Jewish and Christian faiths. As a result of our exploration, we have decided that it shouldn’t matter what we believe or don’t believe. Everyone has the right to choose. We have decided that the most important thing is how we look after each other and the world we live in. We have put the behaviours that help us to look after each other on our door to help us remember.

The children have enjoyed our new dough gym and finger play games. All of the children are now recognizing their own names and beginning to write some of the letters. What a super achievement! Our phonics and number work is progressing well with some of the older children starting to read and working with number sentences to 20. It is lovely to see everyone making progress and enjoying all the activities at school.

Ali, Becky, Caroline and Serena would like to thank you all for your lovely Christmas cards, presents and good wishes! We were pleased to see everyone at the Christmas Celebration! The children certainly seemed to enjoy it and we hope you did too! Your support is really appreciated

We would like to welcome Eloise to Kindergarten this term and we wish Luka well as he moves to the Lower Primary Class.

Spring 2016

It was another productive, albeit very short, term. We began with a lovely book called “Stranger in the Woods” followed by “The Mitten” which prompted our exploration of the season of winter. We looked at the changes in the forest as well as discussing the effects on the birds and animals. We looked again at the rotation of the earth and the moon and its relationship to our months. The months’ song is working to help the children remember the names and order of the months and our discussions are helping us to put it all in perspective with the passage of time and the changing of the seasons. Again, the children are very well informed about the world around them which is a credit to the opportunities you have provided for them. Very well done!

We managed to create the “earth” for the birthday wall and we will create the moon this term along with the “sun” after half term as we move into summer.

We have continued to introduce our first sounds and “Rr” for “rockets and robots” was particularly well receivedJ The junk modelling creations were fantastic.

The children’s mental and manipulative math skills are improving every week and many are now putting this knowledge to paper. Well done everyone!

We moved our discussions to Spring after half term and enjoyed a visit from Erika’s tadpoles. Super topic to begin withJ We have also been watching the growth of our daffodils and the children have done lovely observational drawings of a vase of daffodils.

We discussed Easter in terms of the new life in spring and the children enjoyed sewing their bunnies which is a testament to our fine motor skill work this year. All the children were able to accomplish this project. Thank you for your support in joining us for our Easter egg hunt at Bolton’s Bench. A lovely way to end our term!

Summer Term Topics

This term, as always, will be based in our natural world. We will be exploring animals, plants, mini-beasts and the changes occurring as we move from spring to summer. We will start with planning and planting in the yard, so we will have time to witness growth. We hope for good weather so that we can extend most of our activities outside.

We will continue thinking about how we show respect for one another and our environment. We never lose sight of our Early Learning Goals so encouraging independence and resilience, good listening and communication skills, as well as phonics and numbers are always on the daily agenda.

We will be welcoming Clair on Wednesdays as we begin our transition to a new leader. We will also be welcoming Eliza and Tabby who will be joining us in kindergarten this term.

We will plan to meet individually again in June to discuss progress and plans for the next school year so watch out for the sign-up sheet just before half-term! Thank-you for completing our kindergarten survey. We were all encouraged by your lovely comments.