If you have any specific queries concerning this class or your child please email Clair in Kindergarten: nfss_kindy@icloud.com.

Autumn Term 2017

There is an abundance of natural materials around us at this time of year to enhance our learning and we have been making full use of them! The school garden has kept us in plentiful supply for both artwork and snacking! Garlic to crush, herbs to cook with, sunflower seeds to sort, store, count, tweezer, eat and mosaic with! And of course our beautiful New Forest with all it’s sensorial Autumn delights continues to provide a natural haven for us all…nature/nurture!

Following some recent training, toys are changing a little in our quiet room, giving way for more heuristic play to challenge our critical thinking.  That is to say play items that are open-ended, where one has to invent, create, adapt, persevere and play… we have already enjoyed some amazingly co-operative and creative moments in the week that items are being gradually introduced! 

I am sure all the Kindergarten families have enjoyed our Autumnal songs over the last few weeks and obviously after the October half-term holiday, rehearsals for the Christmas Concert will be in full swing! Our music lessons on a Wednesday are fantastic, we all look forward to Sarah coming in with her instrument and impressive skill.   We are gently and consistently exploring rhythms and tunes by learning new songs together.

We also now enjoy Spanish stories and games each week, for which we welcome beautiful parent Sylvia into the Classroom…it is absolutely incredible to hear the sheer amount of new language the children are absorbing… 

Such a fascinating book to read – ‘The Absorbent Mind’ – Maria Montessori 

Summer Term 2017

Phew what a scorcher! As our little butterflies fluttered away from us for the summer holiday we all melted in the heat of Sports Day! As always, a super occasion, as the families picnicked together and said their farewells. We were pleased to share the day with two of our new littles ones starting in September 2017, Katie and Ruby, thank you for coming!

Well, the term flew by… we enjoyed looking at mini beasts, life cycles, metamorphosis and witnessing the abundance of life and growth not only in the classroom but also in the garden. (Alex hopes to add a wildlife pond before we return!)

This term we continued to work individually on literacy and numeracy development and all enjoyed the chi kung, music and yoga under the trees…

We said a fond farewell to our leavers… Cara, Austin, Finn, Eden and Lola…. and promised to post messages under the sliding door to our graduates Felix, Ned, Tabitha and Erika!

As you all know, we also lost our beloved Jolanda to rural Wales (she arrived safely!) and so are pleased to be welcoming Greta to Kindergarten in September. Greta has a 1st Class Honours Degree in Creative Writing and is keen to encourage creativity in our literacy sessions in Kindergarten, she will also be running some imaginative drama sessions for us.

We look forward to welcoming new little faces to the class in September and are currently working hard to make this transition as smooth as possible for all the family with home visits.

As for the next academic year, we shall continue to work enthusiastically towards the Early Learning Goals for each child, across all 7 areas of learning: Physical Development, Communication and Language, Personal/Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

With this in mind we shall be introducing  Home Learning Files. These will be given on a fairly regular basis, although not with overwhelming regularity, for assimilating knowledge and involving the whole family in your child’s school life. Such learning will be through games and suggestions for activities at home, or practises to imbed core skills, such as pencil grip etc

Please email Clair if you have a skill you would like to share with us or an interesting hobby or job to talk to us about… weaving/knitting/pet loving/card playing/being a fire fighter/postman and so on and so on! Please share your stories with us.

Also, if you would like to listen to the older children read within the school day, or come and read to us at the end of the day, again, please email Clair to discuss.


With best wishes for a very happy holiday!

Clair, Karolina and Greta