The 260 Xcite Sit-on-top Kayak


The Xcite320 Sit-on-Top Kayak is designed to fill the role of a family friendly, forgiving boat, used mainly by inexperienced paddlers. Its unsuitable for touring as its large, wide hull and small length makes paddling strenuous. This characteristic also makes it absent in white water as its mobility on the water is quite frankly terrible.

The Kayak features a tracking hull, which helps to keep it pointing forward and stop it from wavering off course. It also comes with drainage holes (which can be plugged up with bungs) to empty out water from waves ECT. Its open storage compartment is big enough to fit a full size dry bag for keeping a camera, keys and mobile safe and dry. It comes with two grab handles at each end, as well as on the inside of the cockpit for righting when capsized. Its Cockpit also hold a water bottle and holder, however I’ve found that this on occasions will fall out in most swells.

Its large profile and sides make it extremely buoyant and forgiving for inexperienced paddlers and its sit-on-top design means you simply fall out when capsized, eliminating the need for rolling and bailing out. Its wide hull makes it extremely stable and allows it to take alot of punishment. However this also makes the kayak slow and hard to turn, meaning that a strong rip tide will quickly send you out to sea if you’re not careful. its wide hull and long profile for a normal play boat makes it hard to near impossible to do tricks.

Its surfing characteristics are questionable, but great if you’re just starting out as it will keep you heading straight and its stability makes it practically unrollable. Its friendly nature means that anyone with no boating experience can pick it up.

Its price of around £350 makes its very cheap compared to most other kayaks (white water kayaks are around £600 and touring boats can cost anything from £700 to £1,200). The kayak also can fit easily onto most car racks and quite easily stored.

My overall verdict is that it depends what role you want your kayak to fill. If you’re looking for a boat to start out on and learn the basics, to take it to the beach on a calm day, or a river and let everyone have a go, then this is the kayak for you!

However if you’re looking for more of an advanced kayak, say for touring or white water then I don’t recommend buying this boat, as I believe it will leave you disappointed, and with an empty wallet!

By Aidan Stephenson (13)