asdLast fall ITV2 said the six words we had all been waiting to hear, ‘Vampire Diaries, to be screening February’. We all waited, knuckles in mouth for those blessed days. After reading and enjoying the books, I settled down eagerly on the 2nd of February for the first pilot episode to screen in the UK.

The Vampire Diaries, directed by the Kevin Williamson (who you might remember from Dawson’s Creek), started strongly, depicting a young couple hitting a black silhouette of a man. The man then gets out of his car to check on the crash, whilst the women calls 911. We then see the man approach the broken body on the road, followed by a sudden flash of fang, and then the picture flicks back to the woman who is getting out of the car. She calls into the fog for her boyfriend, who consequently comes hurtling down upon her car, his head lolls to the side exposing his bloodied shoulder and ripped apart throat, the woman screams and the picture goes black.

Although only two episodes in, The Vampire Diaries has nevertheless already earned its place in must see TV time. It is what every vampire fanatic has been hungering for, with guilt stricken vampires and their sarcastically evil brothers, beautiful women being attacked in the middle of dark forests and left with that all too familiar two-pronged mark that makes your insides flip. The first two episodes are already chocked full of heart warming love stories, teenagers flying off the edge with drugs and vampires struggling not to kill their loved ones during hot and passionate kisses.

Already girls all over the world are falling in love with Stefan and his dark brother Damon. All in all Damon’s character is a lot stronger than Stefan’s which makes him fun to watch and gets you thirsty for his next sarcastic quips aimed at his brother. His overall darkness and power mixes nicely with his passion for the bite. Damon enjoys tormenting his prey as much as he loves enjoying erotic kisses with them.

Stefan, although a weaker character, does manage to somehow earn the love of Elaina, the quiet yet beautiful high school girl who has history with him.  So far they have enjoyed only one kiss but have taken part in many lust and love filled glances across the classroom. Maybe it is Stefan’s pained and passionate face when he kisses her that does it for Elaina, maybe its his slightly bad body fashion sense, or maybe it is his need for her blood that gets her skin tingling. Whatever it is, its working well and Elaina and Stefan are already showing signs of a love that lasts beyond the grave.

I give the Vampire Diaries a strong 9/10, the only things stopping it from getting a full ten is the lack of diversity in couples and using a few too many of the classic vampire clichés (such as blood falling like rain, dark mist filled forests etc…). Other than that the Vampire Diaries has succeeded in relieving us all of the painful hunger that sits in our hearts as we wait for Eclipse. Thumbs up Kevin!

**** 4 STAR

Review by Greta Rose (14)