The Ministry of Sound Album – Chilled

This album is another from the The Ministry of Sound. The Ministry of Sound release an album of mixed tracks every season. This is the Album from the ‘chilled’ summer of 2009.

The Album features well known artists such as – Zero 7, 808 State, Royksopp and other well known artists such as Chicane and Grove Armada. These artists are usually known for their night club anthems but have been re-mixed into a chilled melody. The Album can take you from a very stressed out environment into a ‘peaceful bliss’. This album was greatly anticipated because the Ministry of Sound normally stick to euphoric-dance.

My favourite tracks have to include, ‘Destiny’ by Zero 7 and ‘At the River’ By Grove Armada. Destiny is a very chilled acoustic, with a synthesiser that has been tamed down and is playing ‘swirling beats of diversity’ and then to top it off the song has some really slow and beautiful female vocals over the top.

‘At the River’ by Grove Armada, I think sums up the whole album. It again has very soft female vocals throughout the song but also has a superb saxophone that features throughout the main part of the song.

This is a fantastic album and I highly recommend buying it

Price – £14.99, which was when I brought it last summer.

***** 5 STAR

Review by George Hiley-Jones (13)



Florence + The Machine – Dog Days

The music video is Florence lying in a wood, the wood is covered with flags and fabrics everywhere, and clowns peeping round trees and hiding… She lays asleep and one of the clowns comes along and ties a piece of glittering fabric round her face, so she can’t see and she takes her to were all the clowns are hiding, and when they get there she slowly pulls the fabric off of her face and looks very surprised, and scared. Her eyes are wide open and she runs and the line is:

“Run fast for your mother and fast for your father, run for your children for sisters and brothers, leave all your love and your loving behind, you can’t carry it with you if you want to survive, the dog days are over, the dog days are done!…”

All the clowns chase her and as she runs away the clowns all start to play little musical instruments… Florence runs and falls on her face, she slowly looks up and all the clowns are there, she starts to sing quietly and they tie her up with ropes and fabric… The next shot is of the clowns holding hands and spinning round and looking happy. Then there is another shot of Florence with make-up running down her face, standing up… then she continues singing, jumps around singing with the clowns and is dressed like one too. A clown who is angry comes onto the screen and then for the ending the music fades… and two people walk in to the distance.

The song makes me feel both sort of happy but sad at the same time. It makes you want to run away to get away from all the negative things that have happened…. and then on the happy side of it, it makes you really want to just get up and dance, jump on your bed and sing along! I think it depends on how you feel, I guess if you had a bad day at school (not that I ever have any!) You will see it in a negative light… if you had a really fun and happy laughing-a-lot-day at school, then you will just want to jump up and dance! (Which I often have the feeling for!)

There are very little lines in the song and it can be a little repetitive, but I don’t think it needs many lines, because it has very good music in the background, and this is playing a very catchy tune. Over all I think it’s one of my favourite songs. ?