Top Ten Greatest Books Of All Times

by Greta Rose

Not In Order

  1. Ransom My Heart – Meg Cabot I read this book last winter and I absolutely fell in love with it! I have read it millions of times since, and it has a permanent place on my nightstand. Its an absolute must read, its sexy, mysterious, funny and absolutely impossible to put down.
  2. Vampire Academy – Richelle Mead It’s hard to choose just one book from this series, so I generally recommend reading them all! The main character Rose Hathaway manages to get you to fall in love with her form the very first chapter, she’s strong, witty and can kick un-dead butt better than Buffy. Her fiery love with her trainer Dimitri Belikov makes the book utterly exciting, and has you asking will they wont they the entire time. Also her connection with her best friend Lissa is completely heart warming. A must read.
  3. Twisted – Laurie Halse Anderson I fell in love with this book by the second page and had managed to read the entire thing by the next morning. The entirely truthful journey into a 17-year-old American boy’s head is hilarious and interesting. We see him battle his way through being a senior, and then battle a court case when he is wrongly convicted for taking explicit photos of the girl he’s been crushing on since they were juniors. His rocky relationship with his dad has a heart warming end, and is one of those books that makes you grin, cry and laugh until your throat is coarse.
  1. The Vampire Beach Series – Alex DuvalBrilliant. One of the true Vampire books of all time. Keeps you hooked until the end. Another insight into a 17-year-old boys brain when he falls in love with the beautiful Sienna who hides a dark bloodthirsty secret. Their fiery love makes the book one of the best!
  1. The Twilight Saga – Stephanie Meyer Nothing to say. Absolutely brilliant. Blood thirsty. Sexy. Hilarious. READ IT!
  1. Tantalize -Cynthia Leitich-Smith It’s got the blood, it’s got the gore, its got Vampire Cooks, it’s got the gorgeous gourmet food, it’s got the thirst and its got the love. There’s nowhere this book goes wrong! Sets you into a tidal wave of emotion. Makes your neck tingle, your teeth fizz and keeps you hooked to the very end!
  1. My Love Lies Bleeding – Alyxandra Harvey  The epic tale of two best friends, one vampire one vampire supporter, as they battle the thirst, love and nasty blue vampire kidnappers! A brilliant book from start to end and has you checking behind your curtains for Hel-Gar!
  1. Night World – L.J Smith A brilliant pick me up book when you’re feeling down. If you’ve lost your faith in romance, soul mates and love Night World is the book for you!
  1. Shiver – Maggie Stiefvator   I was a bit edgy about reading a werewolf book, I felt like I was cheating on every vampire book I have read and love, but it was worth it! If your going to cheat do it properly with this spine tingling, mouth watering story of love!
  1. Hush Hush – Becca Fitzpatrick Who would have known Fallen Angels would be almost as appealing as Vampires? Filled with love, lust and mystery, I absolutely loved this book! A complete must read!

Top Ten Horse Breeds

by Sarah M.

1. Andalusian

For their grace, elegance and agility.

2. Arabian

For their beauty, poise and endurance.

3. Friesian

For their presence, muscle and beauty.

4. Connemara

For their poise and athleticism.

5. Exmoor

For their personality and stamina.

6. Shetland

For their strength, personality and charm.

7. Haflinger

For their endurance, personality and style.

8. Quarter Horse

For their all round ability.

9. Hackney

For their stye and elegance.

10. Thoroughbred

For their all round style and athleticism.



Top Ten People I Would Personally Like to Send into the Stratosphere

by George HJ

1. Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana

Because (a) she can’t even sing and (b) she is just another manufactured pop artist that is only in the music industry for the money.

2. Nick Griffin

Because of all of his racist / utterly stupid comments.

3. George Bush

Because of his lie that he was invading Iraq because they had ‘weapons of mass destruction’, when actually it was for Oil

4. Tony Blair

The same reason as George Bush but also because of his recent speech saying it was to stop them making weapons of mass destruction – FAIL

5. John and Edward

Because such a big deal has been made out of them, when really they are just two talentless kids with massive spiked up hair.

6. D.J. Kasper

Because of his song – D.J. Kasper Slide

7. Dappy from N-Dubz

Na Na Nii…Bang! Because of his rubbish catch phrase Na Na Nii and his hat that is always halfway off his head.

8. The Jonas Brothers

Because of their contract with Disney, and the same reason as Hannah Montana – just a manufactured band who are just interested in making money.

9. Katie Price aka Jordan

Because of the massive deal that has been made over her break up with Mr. Andre.

10. Chris Brown

Because he tries to act innocent but in the meantime goes and beats up Rihannah, and then tries to act innocent again!

Top Ten Worst TV Programmes Ever

by Aidan S.

1. What Katie Did Next

But I never cared about what she did in the first place…

2. What Peter Did Next

Oh please! And you don’t have to watch the show to know exactly what he did next – he squeezed as much money as he could out of a trivia obsessed media and a gullible public despite having no obvious talents whatsoever. Ditto above

3. Wife Swap

Time for everyone involved to go and look for another job – preferably outside of television making

4. Fat Families

Did I miss the meeting when it was decided that culture was to be flushed down the toilet? Because this programme is broadcast from the bottom of the pan.

5. The Jeremy Kyle Show…

Whilst this one is blocking up the sewage pipes.

6. Big Brother

One of the programmes that started the rot – billed as an interesting insight into human behaviour…yeah, right!

7. Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old?

Errrrrrr…is no the right answer?

8. X Factor

Such a tragedy that the last winner missed out on the Xmas number 1 – well it ruined my Christmas

9. Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Yes go! Relocate to another planet, Relocate, Relocate

10. Embarrassing teenage bodies

Why? Can someone please tell me why?

Top Ten Most Annoying Celebrities

by Olivia C.

1. Beyonce

She performs for a racist man’s son, for millions, this is soon followed by the Haiti earthquake. She should be forced to give the money to Haiti.

2. Hugh Grant

He has creepy eyes and he’s a c..p actor who is always in the same boring rom coms with the same boring format – man, woman, fall in love, break up, get back together again…we didn’t see that coming Hugh!

3. Katie Price

She’s always on the front cover of all the magazines but she is so tacky. Also she’s dyed her son’s hair blonde already and put make-up, including false eyelashes on her 2 year old daughter – let them be children!

4. Ray Quinn

He’s slimy and everyone says he’s good looking! Is there something I am missing here? He just looks plain weird to me.

5. Joe McElderry

The only reason he won the X-Factor was becasue he was in Cheryl’s group and Simon fancies Cheryl…blah blah blah. Pretty boy with marginal talent.

6. Cheryl Cole

She sucks up to Simon on the X-Factor and she can’t sing! Everyone talks about her as if she is some sort of singing genius and yet when she performed ‘Fight for this Love” on the X-Factor she didn’t even sing it live and then she sits there judging contestants who do perform live

7. Paddy McGinnis

He talks down to women on Take Me Out and it’s like he’s some kind of amazing person – well, he isn’t!

8. Colleen Rooney

Claim to fame? Married to a footballer – well done! An airhead.

9. Brangellina (Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie)

They adopt all those children from the third world. I mean come on! They’re celebrities – they’ll be splitting up by the next edition of OK magazine.

10. Dizzee Rascal

He really does love himself! That performance at the Brits with Florence, from Florence and the Machine. OMG! He just basically ignored her, pushing her out of the whole thing – poor Florence…