Instead of cramming as many lessons as possible into the school day, making it impossible for the child to take everything in, we like to give the children plenty of free time to recharge themselves. Then when it is time for a lesson they are better able to concentrate and work.


We always try to work with the pace of the children – taking our time in lessons so that we are able to explore them thoroughly. Consequently the timetable is kept flexible – so if we need more time on something or if there is another issue more pressing we can adapt and develop accordingly.

In each lesson the children are always encouraged to explore and discover for themselves. We want the children to trust their own intelligence and perceptions – we want them to find the answers, not just parrot what we have taught them. As teachers our role is to open doors for the children, and then inspire them to want to explore themselves. Only by doing this can they ever reach a true understanding of what they are learning.