”  All children are different. All children need special care and support to help them fulfill their potential.”

The New Forest Small School seeks to offer its unique educational environment to all children, provided their needs can be met and they are able to progress and thrive.

Individual education plans (IEP’s) may be offered to stretch the more gifted child and offer support for the less able or for whom English is a second language.

Children with or needing an EHCP (Education & Health Care Plan) will be considered on an individual basis.

The school offers ongoing pastoral support to every pupil as part of it’s philosophy and curriculum, as well as extra curricular support in Maths, English and Science. We also offer pupil counselling on site. These sessions are individually charged.

Should other educational assessments or support be required, parents are asked to fund this personally, in addition to the standard school fees.

For more details please see our SEN Policy.


Pastoral Care

In our school there is a conscious effort by all staff to fully articulate in our practice, a commitment to our philosophy expressed through our aims and objectives.  These are underpinned by the simple, but encompassing statement: ‘Every Child Matters’.  All members of staff approach our young people with an attitude of openness and respect.  It is this which guides our pastoral policies and our commitment to both students and parents.

Our pastoral care offers a supportive approach to an individual’s experience of school and respects the interplay between the physical, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual aspects of each young person regarding access to learning opportunities.  This is expressed through a continuous attitude of awareness and observation of a student’s engagement in both lessons and the wider experience of the school day.

We support the holistic development of each individual through our fundamental principles of Respect, Tolerance and Compassion.  We also explore what it means to be ‘happy’ or to have ‘self respect’ and we encourage the development of communication skills and confidence to express any issue in an atmosphere of trust.  Our commitment to each individual student means, for instance, that if we should encounter and instance of bullying, we not only resolve the issue for the person bullied, but we also work with the perpetrator to understand why that person may have resorted to that behaviour in the first place.

Action needs to underpin words.  To this end, we operate an open system whereby any concern can be raised and resolved quickly and appropriately.  From Upper Primary through to Year 11, Lorraine Brown is your first point of contact, and if she is unable to resolve the matter, it will quickly be forwarded to Alison or Nicholas Alp for further attention.  Lorraine offers weekly fifteen minute appointments after school on a Tuesday and you are most welcome to book one of these should you have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing at school.  Furthermore, any immediate concern will be resolved, as far as possible, the same or next day.

Learning enrichment, opportunities and outcomes are intrinsically linked to physical and mental wellbeing.  Here at The New Forest Small School, we work as a team with a shared philosophy of pastoral care.  Parents are very much welcomed as part of that team approach to the continued happiness of students.