“All children have special needs.  All children are different. All children need special care and support to help them fulfill their potential.”

At The New Forest Small School we have a ‘Special Educational Needs and Disabilities inclusion policy’. (SEND)  Individual Education and Healthcare Plans (EHCPs) are made in consultation with parents, and any other services involved with the child’s upbringing.

Individually tailored educational or behavioural plans may be offered to stretch the more gifted child; to support a child for whom English is a second language or to support those children exhibiting the need for support in a certain area.

The school offers ongoing pastoral support to every pupil as part of it’s philosophy and curriculum, as well as extra curricular support in Maths, English and Science. We also offer pupil counselling on site. These sessions are individually charged.

Should other educational assessments or support be required, parents are asked to fund this personally, in addition to the standard school fees.

For more details please see our SEN Policy.